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High-grade new seamless welding machine



High-grade new seamless welding machine


High-grade new seamless welding machine

GX-WFH seamless welding machine solves all the shortcomings of conventional seamless welding machine and increases the welding characteristics that can not be achieved by conventional seamless ...
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GX-WFH seamless welding machine solves all the shortcomings of conventional seamless welding machine and increases the welding characteristics that can not be achieved by conventional seamless welding machine, such as long-term stable flatness, long-term stable shearing and long-term stability. Angle strength and simple and quick handling performance, etc.; this model is a unique structure that solves the difficulties of seamless welding machine and makes all the indicators reach near perfection. It has reached a certain height and is difficult to be surpassed. Plastic profile seamless welders are no longer comparable to this welder.
The welding machine, in particular, the welding film profile is shear-stabilized, and can realize various welding methods of double-sided seamless, single-sided seamless and double-sided seam.

Local characteristics of the welder
◆ This type of tool and press pliers are operated separately, which can cut the upper and lower planes of any profile at any time under any condition, and can cut the double-sided coated profiles for a long time.
◆ This model combines the advantages of various seamless welder models, and the entire mechanical structure has been changed; its welding height can reach 150mm.
◆ The lower workbench is a one-piece plate structure instead of the conventional five-piece structure, and the lower pressure pliers are operated on the precision square rail. (The only manufacturer in China that uses a one-piece structure, by national patent)
◆ This model has independent auxiliary compression, which can effectively prevent the material from running, which makes the diagonal melting more accurate. Due to the auxiliary pressing, the main pressing force is greatly reduced, so that the deformation of the weaker profile is small, and a good flatness is ensured. (by national patent)
◆ The combination of the two pressure clamps of this model has a unique mechanical structure, which can ensure the flatness of the profile under any condition and make the appearance of the profile more beautiful.
◆ The lower positioning is operated on the precision square rail, and the positioning accuracy is high, which can ensure the long-term size and diagonal standard of the welded profile, and the long-term use is stable.
◆ The translation part of the welding plate adopts the circular rail support, and runs up and down on the precision square rail to ensure that the profile is fully melted vertically, which can increase the welding strength and not wear the welding board wire. (by national patent)
◆ Because the PVC plastic profile itself has some variability, such as deformation, angular instability, non-vertical, etc., this model is specially designed with a variety of profiles to design a simple and convenient combination type plate, which can not only effectively assist the machine, but also ensure The flatness, angle and size of the doors and windows, and the need to rely on the board to achieve almost all the world's door and window profiles. The main locating pin positioning of the inner wire of the plate facilitates the accuracy of the angle and size of the welded door and window after the main plate is moved and returned to the position; the conversion of the middle and the cross stiffening plate is fast and accurate.
◆ Each welder of this welder has a separate lubrication system to lubricate all the rail parts in the head.
◆ The feeding frame is retractable, which is convenient for the adjustment of the size of the door and window and facilitates the movement of the profile and the molded door and window without blocking.
◆ Automatic air blowing device, blow off the welding rod at one time.

◆ The locking of the machine head is automatic locking, which is convenient and quick.
◆ The welding cloth device can be changed. One knob can make the heating plate fall by its own weight, and the welding cloth can be replaced quickly and easily.
◆ Each main action has separate air pressure control and adjustment, which is more effective in combination with the whole machine to ensure long-term stable welding quality.
◆ The cutting tool adopts Cr12MOV material. The tool has a long service life, the tool is standardized, and the tool interchange is supported.
◆ The whole machine body is welded with high rigidity frame body, which has high bearing capacity and no deformation.

◆ Automatic air blowing device, blow off the welding rod at one time.


High-grade new seamless welding machine

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